Bingham University announces resumption date for 2020/2021 session

Bingham University announces resumption date for 2020/2021 session

In line with the National University Commission (NUC) Circular Ref: NUC/ES/138/Vol.63/131 dated 18th September 2020, I write to inform all students of the full resumption of academic activities for the 2020/2021 session as follows:

  1. Resumption of SBS (IJMB & Remedials), 200, 300, 400 and 600 levels – Monday, 12th October 2020.
  2. Resumption of 100, and 500 levels – Monday, 16th November 2020

Students are to note that the following COVID – 19 protocols will be strictly observed:

Bingham University announces resumption date for 2020/2021 session
  1. A temperature check is to be conducted for all students coming into the University from the first gate.
  2. All students must have sufficient pairs of washable face mask to last them the semester to be checked and confirmed at the first gate in addition, students are to complete an assessment form on their medical status.
  3. Hand washing must be done at the first gate and before going into the hostel.
  4. Medical Staff, and Security personnels will be stationed at the gate to ensure strict compliance.
  5. Temperature checks will again be undertaken at the entrance of the hostels.
  6. Washing and sanitizing of hands is mandatory for everyone going into the hostels.
  7. Face mask must be worn in and out of the hostels by all students and staff.
  8. Hostel Accommodation: Students are to be accommodated in line with Covid–19 protocols and the University would ensure that student’s adhere to the protocols.
  9. Classroom Space: All students are to maintain social distance as provided in the seating arrangement. Lecturers have been detailed to ensure strict compliance.
  10. New and returning students are required to effect payment of fees in line with University guidelines before admittance into the hostels and classrooms.
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This is for the information and strict compliance of all students.

Thank you.